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31 Oct 2005 08:23 | Dusty | Xbox 360
We are looking for more gamers to join our Xbox 360 Forum at ZTGD. To sign up as a new member just click here and your account should be activated shortly. And make sure to stop by the noob central and say hi. ( Note: We expect all members to respect each other, so just keep that in mind)
Xbox 360 Forum | 2 - Comments

Next-Gen Graphics?
26 Oct 2005 19:07 | Dusty | Xbox 360
Many of the 360 games we have seen so far looks more like Xbox games, only with sharper textures and running on a higher resolution. There is a very simple and logical explanation to this mystery, and it has nothing to do with the hardware Microsoft decided to equip the 360 with.
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Wanna Work For A Gamesite?
14 Jul 2005 03:29 | ZeroTolerance | Events
We here at XBox360 News love talking XBox, but we also have a couple other sites that we tend to.  If you have great writing skills, are above the age of 18, and have a firm pulse on the gaming world in general we may be looking for you.  We are looking for people to help keep up with updates and news on our sister sites.  If you are interested shoot a line to ZeroTolerance or Dusty and let us know why we should choose you.
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Back In The Saddle
10 Jul 2005 21:55 | ZeroTolerance | Xbox 360
Well after a long and well deserved vacation the Z-Man is back.  It seems Dusty has been keeping good tabs around here and while I was gone lots of interesting developments have occurred.  As we draw closer to launch expect news overloads galore.  I expect to see a confirmed price over the next month so that will be extremely exciting.  Also at the beginning of August we will be re-launching the much missed ZTGameDomain.com.  Expect this and much more over the next month, it's great to be back!
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Happy 4th Of July
01 Jul 2005 09:54 | ZeroTolerance | Xbox 360
To all of our US readers I want to wish them a happy Independence Day.  I myself will be out of the office from July 2nd through July 10th so Dusty will of course be handling this lovely site.  When I return expect no mercy on the onslaught of XBox360 news bound to be tunneling in!  For now spend the weekend grilling some burgers and lighting up those fireworks.  Happy Birthday America!
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The Next Generation
29 Jun 2005 10:17 | ZeroTolerance | Xbox 360
It's weird to think that it's only been four years since we were first introduced to Microsoft's XBox.  That's right fellow gamers November 2001 was the day Bill Gates and his crew dropped their first console on the masses and it's been gaining ground ever since.  Will XBox ever be able to topple the 400lb gorilla known as Sony?  Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain they are here to stay.
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