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Full Backward Compatability?!?
17 Aug 2005 11:49 | ZeroTolerance | Xbox 360
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With all the noise being made about the price and package options someone must have missed this tidbit of information.  Apparently according to a translation of the French site Jeux-France MS also announced that all previous XBox games would be backward compatible with the new hardware.  Of course you will need the HDD, but who actually planned on purchasing the Core system anyways??

Here is the rough translation:

- Microsoft presents their stand at Games Convention 2005 and their partnership with the living room. The figures of sales are revealed.

- 2 million users in Xbox Live, the list of the g on Xbox is approached, Microsoft announces that all the games on Xbox are compatible with Xbox 360

- the characteristics of Xbox 360 are evoked. The console is finished and in commercial version.

- an American representative of Microsoft exposes the various possibilities of connections of the console and the use of Xbox Live. The interface is shown in detail on Xbox 360.

- Ipod and a PSP are connected to Xbox 360, the representative shows the musical interface and of transfer of the console.

- Microsoft announces that all the editors work on Xbox 360 and with compatibilities online of the console. A representative of Electronic Arts arrives on the scene to speak about the console on which all the licences of the American firm will be present.

- Call of Duty 2 is announced of exclusiveness on Xbox 360, a video of Project Gotham Racing 3 is shown.

- Presentation of Final Fantasy XI and very beautiful Kameo: Elements of Power.

- Microsoft comes from advertisement that there will be two packs different at the time of the exit from the console. Both will contain the console, a remote control, an account Xbox Live Silver and a lever, the second pack will have as for him a disk hard moreover.

Full Story At Jeux-France

Read & Add Comments (9)
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