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Origen Xbox 360?
20 Aug 2005 07:31 | Dusty | Xbox 360
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A very odd Xbox 360 website has just appeared online, with a clock counting down, but to what!?! We have no idea what this means, only that the site is indeed made by Microsoft and in 37 days, 22 hours, 36 minutes and 39 seconds something big is going to happen for sure! If I have done the math right that would be september 27th. I have looked up the whois info about this site to see if it could be fake, but all the info is correct so the site is real and owned by Microsoft. Click here to visit the website.

Domain Name: origenxbox360.com

Created on..............: Tue, Aug 09, 2005
Expires on..............: Wed, Aug 09, 2006
Record last updated on..: Tue, Aug 09, 2005

Microsoft Corporation
Domain Administrator
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

Note that the tree looks like one of those Japanese bonsai trees, which could hint at something to do with Japan. The sculpture to the right of the tree looks like a rabbit, Alice in Wonderland anyone? Please post your best guesses in the comment section below so we can work this one out together!

Looks like this could be another OurColony kind of marketing stunt from the Xbox team  

NB!!! Below are clues and guesses submitted by our readers. None of this information is confirmed true or false.

And to those who think we are a sad bunch of people spending so much time trying to guess what the purpose of Origen Xbox 360 is, I can only say THIS. Now that is a much better way to spend your free time! So get over it, the whole concept of playing video games is SAD. It just happens to be extremely entertaining.

Update 1: One of our readers have calculated that it counts down to September 27th at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time to be exact!

Update 2: The name of the site is Origen Xbox360, so what hints could be hidden in the word Origen. The word Origen is a spanish word for Origin, which comes from the latin word Origo which means "beginning". Here is a link to the Wikipedia description of the word Origin below if anyone one wants to dig for clues. If I am not mistaking Microsoft has promised earlier to reveal some big surprise for the Japanese market this fall, so could this be it? Will the Xbox 360 be launched in Japan first? I doubt it as September 27th is way to early, as developers will need more time to complete their games.

Update 3: It apears that the word Origen also is the name of a great Christian theologians. Don't know yet if we will find any clues here but here is a link for more info about Origen.

Update 4: I have added another screenshot which shows what will appear on the site when the clock reaches 0.

Update 5: One of our readers is in fact part of the team that made the site, and he has given us some clues.

Clue one -

"i can provide you guys with some info, im on the team that designed this site, is something related with circles. thats all i can say. NG

Clue two -
"ok, what do you find when yo cut tree in half and see it by the top?(HD) another detail,youll see something different with the rabbit(HD)so check it from time to TIME(HD), the team which worked on the ourcolony website are involved on this. Clue: 2 systems, and a entire universe to explore. NG "

Update 6: Ok let's sum things up. We think it has something to do with Japan because of the bonsai tree. We can also draw connections to Alice in Wonderland because of the rabbit. Which makes the comments about the circles and "universe to explore" even more interesting when you think of the phrase " "spiraling down the rabbit hole" . And if you look at the console packaging it does indeed look like the rabbit hole. But what does it mean?

Update 7: More clues posted by the MS guy.

"We are living in a world of digital entertainment, in a world were all reality is going to be virtual and the only thing needed to create at that time would be our own imagination" -Tree RINGS reveals the years of the tree while he is also the CENTER of that virtual world. -[J].A.E* 11=fun for A,J and E* 9=fun for J not for A or E* *(important) NG"

Update 8: A suggestion from one of our readers is getting some attention.

Wes wrote,

Hang on a sec. If you use the thing the MS guy said, and use the numbers as month dates, ie: 9 = sept, and 11 = Nov. Then use A, J and E as the continents: A =America, J = Japan, E = Europe . 11=fun for A,J and E* 9=fun for J not for A or E This could be saying that 11 (or November) is when something to do with the 360 will be in all 3 places. and that in 9 (or sept), something is happening in Japan, not America or Europe. 9th month (sept), is when the countdown will end.

Update 9: When you right click on your mouse and click forward a couple of times the new pic appears as posted earlier. First I thought the word that came up also was Origen. However, looks like it also could be Ougen (this is the pic where the rabbit is gone). Note :Most of our readers thinks it is Origen, and that it only looks like it says Ougen because it is written in another font. So the whole Ougen clue is most likely miss-leading. 

Update 10: Who wrote this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Origenxbox360? Note : Wikipedia.org can be edited by anyone so don't trust it!

Update 11: You can now also discuss this in our Xbox forum at ZTGD

Update 12: Latest interesting comments by our readers:

Kimble 08.20.2005 05:28
The word origen unscrambles to region. The rabbit almost looks like a map of different regions (countries) squished together with two dots marking cities.

Wes 08.20.2005 07:03
Im still hangin on the idea of origen linking to the word origin - meaning beginning. this links somewhat to japan, as japan was the beginning of videogaming.

JNW911 08.20.2005 08:16
Hey Guys, I'm not sure if this is at all relevant, but the rabbit is the zodiac symbol for both chinese/japanese for the year 1999. The first xbox was in beta status during this year in october. And isn't the xbox360 in beta status now?? I dont know.. plus the source code has a link with 1999 in it(leads nowhere though). Maybe the rabbit zodiac/1999/beta thing is coincidence :) Anyone? Wes??

Wes 08.20.2005 08:24
JNW, you could be onto something. the meaning of zodiac is a 12 band eliptical thing in astrology. Each band is 30 degrees in this zodiac. This possibly ties straight to the XBOX 360 bein the rabbit. (30 times 12 is 360)

Update 13:  Some sort of log in page has been discovered -   Note: We have logged in to the site and it is just the old Xbox press site. The two sites are on the same web server which explains this.


Thanks Matt / PlanetXbox360

Update 14: There is strange hidden text on the log in page -


Update: Seems to be a connection http://www.runlondon.com/nikeruns/  Most likely same web designer that just used some random text on the log in page , it was most likely put there to look cool and nothing more.

Update 15: The last clue -

MS 08.21.2005 01:47
"When you didn't capture the attention of someone in the past, next time in the future, do it bigger and smarter, then they will put attention on what you are trying to offer" J.A "People rising up while the sun is still shinning, on 9 something big is going the happen and you will be surprised" Some of you guy has already the answer to all this and even some extras, so you guys just need to wait and find it out, no more clues for now, maybe next week. I'm in a big trouble people at the xbox marketing sector is already searching my person, just, dont forget, this is not a joke, really trust me something BIG is going to happen.NG

Update 16: Strange clues hidden in Wiki ?

MS guy 08.21.2005 07:04
*The Wikipedia articles are puzzles from the company in question. It is up to you to decide if you believe them or not.* 


Update 17: The rabbit has changed, the number 8 has appeared, could be fake as I can't see it myself


Update 18: See http://www.origenxbox360.com/images/countdown/countdown.jpg and then check pic number 4 and 5 below. It says Origen in the leafs, and the placement is about the same as the cat in Alice. Both the cat and the writing can become invisible.

Update 19: See pic number 3.  A T-shirt, printed at the time of the Game Convention of Leipzig. The rabbit is the exact same as on the Origen site?!?

Update 20: New clue :

MS 08.22.2005 12:35

"nothing in the leafs, nothing in the trunk, and nothing in the floor.... but" "with this new hardware we would be able to do a next generation graphics including the vital SHADOWS and even new types of elements such as...." UT. Patience is what you need at this time of the year.NG

Update 21: Now this could really mean something. Remember this clue from MS?

"ok, what do you find when you cut a tree in half and see it by the top?(HD) another detail,you'll see something different with the rabbit(HD)so check it from time to TIME(HD), "

Now see this picture I put together?? Dosen't that kind of signal that even the Premium package only is half of what Xbox 360 has to offer? If so could it have any thing to do with the Origen website?

Summary :

Microsoft is counting down to something, and it must be something at least a little bit interesting or else they would never have made the site. The designers of the site didn’t put the tree and the rabbit signpost there because it looks cool, it has some kind of meaning but what? Well, that is what we are trying to find out.

We know the timer show a different number depending on where you are located and the right one I believe counts down to September 27th at 12:00 midnight in Japan.

Bill Gates has stated from the very beginning that Japan is their number one priority. Here is a quote from Peter Moore, marketing and publishing corporate vice president of Microsoft's home and entertainment division,

"I've always said Japan is a vitally important market for the Xbox platform and with this next generation Japan is right at the center of the Xbox 360 universe," he said. "Now, as many of you will remember, I have stood before you in previous years and acknowledged our past challenges. Since then we have been taught lessons that only the world's most developed gaming market can teach. We have applied the resulting Japanese education to the development of Xbox 360."

"Let me be clear, this time the rest of the world is starting to realize that Xbox 360 is a real contender right here in Japan. That is a very important point because I know success in this country is the ultimate tribute to the compelling power of our platform," Moore said.

So it may look like that the Origen website is dedicated to Japan and something Microsoft plans to reveal to the Japanese market September 27th at 12:00 midnight.

The next and biggest question of course is what on earth is Microsoft planning to announce to the Japanese gamers? Many of you have guessed that Microsoft will announce HD DVD for Xbox 360, or that they will show Halo 3? Or maybe they have been working on something that is completely unknown, and made with the Japanese gamers in mind. Something similar to Xbox Live, but for something completely different, something that would prove very popular in Japan? Seriously who plays train simulator games in US or Europe, however they are extremely popular in Japan. My point being that Japan is a strange world and if you want to be successfull there you must understand the Japanese culture and way of life. MS clearly failed with understanding complexity of the Japanese culture when they launched the Xbox, and as the MS guy said "When you didn't capture the attention of someone in the past, next time in the future, do it bigger and smarter, then they will put attention on what you are trying to offer" So could Microsoft have made some kind of service for the Xbox 360 that is designed especially with the Japanese gamers in mind? All we know for sure is that Microsoft is not going to tell until the countdown reaches 0, after all that is kind why they put it there in the first place.

NB!!! : These are only wild guesses made by our readers and nothing more.

- HD DVD for Xbox360

- Xbox360 will launch first in Japan -  September 27th ?

- Something to do with Halo 3 or a new secret game project

- Microsoft will place Xbox360s in game stores so people can try it before launch 

- A new service desigen for the Japanese market, some type of integrated MMORPG

- A intergrated game-maker or MOD software, so that people will be able to MOD almost any Xbox360 game

- A new Final Fantasy Xbox 360 exclusive game

- A new Shenmue game

- The Xbox 360 will be region free

Feel free to continue the speculation below in the comment section.

Read & Add Comments (1198)
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