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Microsoft to upgrade Xbox 360 CPU
21 Apr 2006 06:57 | Lost Alley | Xbox 360
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Microsoft will upgrade the CPU used in its Xbox 360 games console early next year, the CPU's manufacturer announced today. The new CPU will be built using technology that can reduce heat and power consumption, as well as potentially increasing speed. It will also help Microsoft cut the console's cost. The new 65nm technology is also capable of running software faster than that used in the existing Xbox 360 CPU, Chartered said. But the company did not state whether the CPU's performance when running software would be upgraded in any way to take advantage of this potential. It is uncommon for manufacturers to increase the speed of chips in games consoles which are already on the market, because this can cause unexpected compatibility issues with games developed for the original hardware design, as well as bad feeling among existing owners.

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Unregistered - Jonathan jackson 04.21.2006 07:13
come one WTF is that... people are gonna have better 360s for less and WE CAN'T EXCHANGE OURS!!!

2 - speed... na
hardwood2001 04.21.2006 07:13
speed... na

3 -
xeon121 04.21.2006 07:23
if this is true which i doubt im selling mine for a ps3 simple as that

4 - #3
Unregistered - Si_Pie 04.21.2006 07:27
I would not be so hastey has the ps3 will more than likely go the same way. If you look at the specs for the ps3 the cpu will at first use a 90nm technology but will eventually also turn to 65 nm so chances are it will happen there to.

5 -
f1r3waIIK1LL3r 04.21.2006 07:31
Well I guess this can be expected I mean the previous xbox's diskdive kept improving and stuff but still this sucks its to bad we cant just update our systems, or can we? lol

6 - #3
Unregistered - Si_Pie 04.21.2006 07:33
just read that which says the early versions of the ps3 will ship with 90nm


7 - not that big a deal
Unregistered - mooseman 04.21.2006 07:34
As stated in the story, the chip may be faster and cooler but they will not take advantage of this. Sony has contiuously changed the PS2, some changes were good, some bad. I think the main point to focus on is it is a move to drop the cost of the chips being used, and as long as your 360 is running smoothly what is the problem?

8 - Would be nice
Unregistered - Si_Pie 04.21.2006 07:34
yes it would be nice if microsoft would upgrade current 360s however i wont hold my breath.

9 -
chimera360 04.21.2006 07:35
well im sure its true but im almost posative it wont increase performance, just another saving of costs that gets escalated into "better Performance" by the media

10 - Give a later adopter a faster cpu than mine??? No way!!
Unregistered - Optimus 04.21.2006 07:52
I'd be pissed beyond belief if this sorta thing were to happen. I'd feel as if the 360 I spent all my money on suddenly is the weaker version to some newer 360 with a faster cpu?? If i wanted stuff like that to happen to me I'd stick with pc gaming.

11 -
Unregistered - unregistered 04.21.2006 08:32
Does anyone here understand electronics at all or is everyone here like 12?
Changing the nanometer technology of every chip is a CONSTANT, AMD, INTEL, IBM, EVERYONE does this. It is a cost cutting method, which has benefits as well. They can fit more chips on the silicone wafer if they make the chips smaller so they do and they get inherent benefits of the smaller circuitry. PC processors set the standard for this so claiming that you are going to stick with pc games is absolutey a retarded statement to make against this because you are in the worst side of the market for nanometer technology changes. They told you that they were going to change the chips in the 360 a long time ago, why is this news now?

12 - Don't Panic!
THELANDSOFSAND 04.21.2006 08:47
This is a price-driven change, not performance. The 360 is barely pushed as is. Microsoft arent stupid, they won't make millions of 360's incompatible with new games, as that would lose them money in sales.

All we lose out on as current 360 owners is money- we will end paying like 300, 400 more than the later, more streamlined 360's owners. but i dont care because im playing it now, not in 2 years and i'm willing to pay for that.

and it may turn out that the original chip 360's, though potentially slower, will have less hardware security restrictions for hacking and modding than the newer 360's.

13 -
Unregistered - shotty 04.21.2006 10:03
The x360 wont become any better people. Sony did this with the ps2 aswell. IT jest allows them to shrink the size of the cpu and therefore reducing the amount of heat it produces. The main reason is it cuts major costs in manufacturing of the x360. Sony said the same thing with the ps3. It doesnt make the processor any faster or anything.

14 - This happens all they time.
Unregistered - sdf 04.21.2006 10:33
All they are doing is upgrading the system, big deal. Everyone those this every year, PS2 slim version ect... Stop crying.

15 - XBOX360 rules
Unregistered - Devon Williams 04.21.2006 10:59

I hope this XBOX360 upgrade and better than current system. I am smart and waiting to buy a new XBOX360 include large harddrive. this fall

16 - No speed increase
Unregistered - 04.21.2006 11:52
Personally, I highly doubt they will actually implement a speed increase in the console. Remembering the fact that they lose money on each console sold, it does not make any sense for them to do anything that will entice current owners to re-buy.

17 - This is nothing out of the ordinary
Unregistered - Ken 04.21.2006 12:17
This is nothing new to the console market...it is normal for sony..microsoft..and even nintendo to change the hardware in some way..whether it be the shape of the console or the technology...it has happened with the ps2..xbox 1 and nintendo....no worrys...its normal for companys to change the technology of hardware to cut costs...does not mean that the new xbox 360's will be better...keep that in mind...sony will do the same thing..ps3 will be released and they will change the technology as time goes by...

18 - ranting
Unregistered - David 04.21.2006 12:55
I think this shows how sometimes its better when people know less. You got to understand that the xbox 360s will all play the same games at the sames speeds. They just want to cut cost. Every video game maker has done this. How else would they be able to cut the cost of videogame consoles every year. Its not just because parts get cheaper, its also because new manufacturing process come around. Cool it, x360 is gonna be able to play all the new x360 games the next 4-5 years which is more that a 400 dollar PC can say.

19 - No worries
Unregistered - BrownV 04.21.2006 12:56
It will be just like the PS1 and PS2 it wont "improve" performance it will just help with heating issues and cost. Dont freak out.

20 - Too bad for impulse buyers!
Unregistered - no-xbox360-for-me-thx 04.21.2006 13:05
This will improve performance of the xbox360... it won't crash as often.
Hell we might begin to see non-refridgerated xbox360s at EB and GameStop!

Imagine that!

21 -
Unregistered - Evan 04.21.2006 13:21
When it comes out everyone should MASS BREAK THEIR CONSOLE AND GET A REPLACEMENT!

22 -
Unregistered - J Bouchard 04.21.2006 13:26
im might buy a 2nd one take a look at it, and exchance the crappyer of the two. . if you look at the psx or ps2 when they made a cheaper vers. it was crappyer with less components and updated anti "chipping" hardware/software

23 -
Unregistered - INfomator 04.21.2006 13:40
Mine has never crashed and does not sit in a freezer.

And I have had mine since Nov 22, 2005

24 - Article title is misleading
Unregistered - Dahlsim 04.21.2006 13:54
The title of article is misleading. A console CPU will not be "upgraded" after release as it would break compatibility and make it essentially a new machine.

The CPU will commonly be remodeled for cost cutting, better heat & power consumption etc. since those things to do not affect the games.

25 -
Unregistered - ck fa life 311 04.21.2006 14:02
hey im 23 i had my 360 since 12/23/05 and havent had no problems, none what so ever. i wanna say this as well, ps2 has done the same thing make the compnents smaller and all that but to the people who already have the 360 stop worrying and just enjoy your console. I had my ps2 since 2000 and i stil have it but since then they have made the system smaller and all that but i never once felt cheated or wanted an upgrade i was happy with the one i had and the same thing for the 360, there will be a few upgrades not just these however, im good with the one i have now. As long as it continues to work flawlessly im happy.

26 -
Unregistered - ck fa life 311 04.21.2006 14:07
I meant to say im with 23..........and i had my 360 since 12/23/05.

27 - About the cheaper chip
Unregistered - darkness 04.21.2006 14:12
This doesn't mean MS will sell it any cheaper. It mainly means they won't be taking as much of a loss as they are now. So don't be forming lynch mobs and going out to hunt people because it says it'll be cheaper.

cheaper_to_manufacture != price_drop

28 -
THE HIVE TYRANT 04.21.2006 14:23


29 -
Unregistered - ericdraven 04.21.2006 14:35
Dude your post makes no sense.

"IMMATATE" chip performance? Thats kinda impossible. Some people aren't getting the idea here. THEY ARE NOT GOING TO INCREASE PERFORMANCE. The main benefit of the chip is lower heat and cheaper to manufacture. If they use the chip's potential of increase power, it could and probably (95% chance) could cause some huge incomptability issues. SONY DID THIS WITH THE PS2 as it has been stated many times. Console redesigns happen all the time. So stop screaming you got screwed by Microsoft.

30 -
Unregistered - reality 04.21.2006 15:02
Sigh. Consoles go through changes. Look at the PS2. How many bios versions are there now? And there is the slim design. Look at the Nintendo DS, how many different versions of that, some with better LCDs.

So no, they aren't screwing the early adaptors, they are doing normal changes to increase sales and reliability as technology develops. How many of you that complained about this complained about the DVD drive change?

#21. Microsoft replaces with refurbished models. Think about that statement and why you wouldn't want to purposely ruin your xbox, even the new ones as your replacement will most likely be an older model.

31 - hand in hand
Unregistered - amo 04.21.2006 15:04
This go's hand in hand with the expected price drop on the 360! Cheaper chips=cheaper price!! I wouldn't expect MS to say they will drop the price at E3 b/c people will hold out to buy one to get the cheaper price. I got mine on launch and have had no problems so I won't complain about getting mine exchanged until a problem occur's!!

32 -
PAUL CERULA 04.21.2006 15:07


Your not screwed in any real noticable way. All they've done is make a slightly quieter drive and made the processor run cooler. Your not going to have any problems at all.

And if you do, like overheating, just call them up and get a replacement in 5 days. This is great news also for them eventually lowering the price so buck up whiners. Truth is that if you are having problems, duh get a new one free, if not than you wouldn't notice the difference, or pay more.

How about thinking it's like having a 360 for 6 months before everybody else. I'm ecstatic about mine.

33 - nice!
Unregistered - praxis22 04.21.2006 15:35
Glad I waited really :o)

Now if only they'd make the drive bigger and throw in a HD-Drive ;)

34 - Haha
Unregistered - Bonch 04.21.2006 15:49
Wow, good job, suckers. The XBox has always been a money-losing venture, and screwing customers like this is another reason for that.

I love that the XBox 360 is so poorly designed that it needs a chip upgrade a year after its release.

35 - to 34
former questionmark 04.21.2006 17:20
it's called time. if something isn't available or feasible at a certain time, but then becomes so later, that isn't poor design. you do what you can at the time, then when new technology becomes available, you utilize it. if it was readily usable almost a year ago when they started production, they would have already done it. sony is planning on doing the same.

Unregistered - PrO-LoGiC 04.21.2006 17:47

Unregistered - PrO-LoGiC 04.21.2006 17:50

38 -
Unregistered - Ken 04.21.2006 18:18
#28?? ummm..your post makes no sense...and how is it we are screwed..all platforms do this.including sony...so don't post anything unless you know what your talking about.

39 - do what i did!!!!
Unregistered - pshizle 04.21.2006 19:54
buy this http://www.ebgames.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=802205

one of the best accessories i ever bought!

40 -
Unregistered - gamertag: arsenic13 04.21.2006 21:07
yeah sony did this and thats why God of war dont work on my early ps2 ,only newer ones with the newer chip !

pRo loGic II 04.21.2006 21:33
Getting it out of the way is smart, plus it's cool that they are telling us,i apologize comments 36 and 37.

42 -
Unregistered - younghalo 04.22.2006 00:48
I can't belive this..

43 -
Unregistered - temp 04.22.2006 01:23
You guys need to stop believing everything you hear and stop looking for problems that aren't there. The problem with the internet is that there are too many idiots out there with an opionion. Stop following these clowns and enjoy your system.

44 - Stop Complaining
Unregistered - bob 04.22.2006 01:47
Stop complaining, its exacting the same with buying a laptop or computer.

45 -
Unregistered - krazy 04.22.2006 05:48
hey dont worry all my xbox crashing problems stoped after i got the nyko intercooler its only 20 dollars check it out at game stop

46 - Strange
Unregistered - haha 04.22.2006 07:00
Xboxfans were saying that sony is immitating microsoft by adding the online thing to the PS3, but see now when microsoft begins copycating they oh but all the companies do that:S, and just to think wasn't the first Xbox lunch just copycating what sony had done with the PS2 ;), some of you need to think a little before they speak cuz ALL companies are the same and they all want your MONEY

47 - Too many under-educated people, too many opinions
Unregistered - UKElectricalEngineer 04.22.2006 08:07
The 360 in its original state is a wonderful machine. Apart from perhaps a small (approx industry standard of around 3%) amount of failures, the machine does NOT overheat.

The new CPU is purely because it is now technically possible for them to shink the CPU down so they can cram more onto the Silicon wafer, hence lowering the cost of each CPU manufacturered. By the way, Microsoft does NOT manufacture these, so the manufacturer will save money which will in turn be passed on to Microsoft.

The New CPU *WILL* run a little cooler given its design, but the ONLY reason Microsoft is doing this is to save money as it currently loses money on every console sold. The New CPU *WILL NOT* be made to run any faster, as this would be counter-productive. The whole point with consoles is a consistent hardware platform, so it would not make sense for Microsoft to boost the speed of the new processors. Instead, they will leave them as they are, generating a little less heat. Thats ALL.

For all you Sony Fanboys, or other general idiots who think you know what you're talking about, The PS2 is well known to have had several revisions to its hardware since coming to market. The only difference is Sony didn't tell you about them. Microsoft has at least been open with what it's doing. The PS2 went through at least 9 major revisions, including CPU changes.

Microsoft *IS NOT* screwing people, it is *NOT* going to mean Microsoft is going to make the 360 any cheaper (for the forseeable future), and it *WILL NOT* mean the console will be bundled with any extra accessories to make up for the cost save. Microsoft is purely trying to save a few pennies, nothing more.

There are some here who are clearly knowledgeable and are making sensible posts. The rest of you, please think before you post. If you don't know the answer, just don't post.

48 - Rastafari
Unregistered - JAH 04.22.2006 11:43
Of this new type of processor produces less heat, the 360 needs less cooling. If the "new" 360 makes less noise (cooling fans), I will sell mine and replace it with a "new" 360.....

49 -
Unregistered - UK 04.22.2006 12:32
To Rastafari : You do realise the majority of the noise from the 360 is from the DVD Drive and not the cooling fans?

50 -
Unregistered - Si_Pie 04.22.2006 13:56
Yes this will cut costs to the 360 as some have already said but wont increase perfomance from the games view point. Games developers wont program their games to only work on 360 using the new chip as this would be stupid. No games developers will make sure they will run on new and old 360s. this will also help microsoft to drop the price of the 360 which im expecting them to do when the ps3 is released.

Unregistered - jo 04.23.2006 01:44
first quater of 07 so nobody will get one this year

52 -
Unregistered - ewrtfwerwerwe 04.23.2006 17:43

53 -
Unregistered - NYC AEK 04.23.2006 17:49
how many people here have had any problems with their xbox360 mine was built on
03/6/06 it frooze right out of the box on call of duty so i exchanged it the same day got another on the spot from bestbuy took it out of the box and what do i see the case in the back is open on the xbox its self and it shut off on me once and one more ? what games are more prone to freezing up on the 360 both the 360s r buit on the same date

54 - the END
Unregistered - Enigma 04.23.2006 23:48
It will become the NEXT DREAMCAST and MICROSOFT WILL HAVE BAD a record in history while suffering bad customer service for not exchanging the old 360 or refunding!

55 - Rastafari
Unregistered - JAH 04.24.2006 07:19
I understand that the dvd drive makes the most noise. Why it needs to be active all the time is a good question!

56 -
Unregistered - hello 360 04.24.2006 14:15
its all going to be thew same i think every system does this change parts here and there big deal

57 - Who cares
Unregistered - Stephen Pierce 04.24.2006 15:41
if they upgrade a piece of the system to a cheaper item it means the cheaper they can sell it. the means more people will buy it, and the new processor will help keep the system from overheating since it can not produce as much heat.

If there is a performance increase a emulator will not help since it will rob the 360 of the power it has already. if you get the new one good if you have the old one keep it till it breaks, over heats or you find some thing that requires the upgrade. till then do not freak out because of some thing that as not been done yet just talked about

58 - WTF
Unregistered - NannerTNT 04.24.2006 20:01
They better make it to where we can get these for free or something or I am gunna open some cans of Diet Whoop Ass!!!

59 - who to call if yours crashes
Unregistered - Sonya 04.30.2006 14:14
I have also had my 360 since nov 2005 but mine did crash and I would like to say that Microsoft was grate in helping me get it fixed at little or no cost to me these people need a number to call just incaase something gose rong with there Xbox360s my hole family loves the Xbox360 we all have a diffrent favorit game that is just what we all need to have a grate time I have six kids and when they sit and play happily I often think it was deffently worth standing in line all day for it and I no that if it ever has a problem Microsoft is looking out for my family we love our Xbox360

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