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Killer Instinct 3 , Mortal Kombat 7, Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2 and Halo 3
28 Sep 2005 05:41 | Dusty | Xbox 360
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All these unconfirmed but highly anticipated titles just showed up on a picture of a game list named “Full Release List”.

This list was submitted to us by a reader and at the moment we don’t have any info to go along with it, so I want to stress that we don’t know if the list is real or not. However, the games listed, amongst them Killer Instinct 3 , Mortal Kombat 7, Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2 and Halo 3 are all unconfirmed games that the fans have been hoping for. As soon we find out the source of this list, we will let you know.

Click here to view the list.

Update : Based on feedback from our readers this list is most likely a scan from an Xbox mag which inlcudes games that are rumored or that are likely to be in development but not yet confirmed.

Update: Now we know how that FreeSpace game strangly made it to this list. The list was "real" ("real" as in a real list from a Xbox mag) but some guy put in FreeSpace in there as a joke. I don't think the guy who sent us the list was aware of that he sent us a slightly altered version of the list, and neither were we to begin with :)


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1 - I hope this is true!!!
Unregistered - Next-Gen Fan 09.28.2005 05:51
All these games are great I was hoping for games like these!!! Great!!!

2 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 05:57
makes sense KI 3 is a rare title & I loved the previous two games in the arcades....interesting to see what the 360 can do to this title.........should be awesome!!!!!!!

3 -
Unregistered - CtrlAltDestroy 09.28.2005 06:08
there are some great games there!!! i love battlefield 2 on pc it is just fun and on the 360 it will be even better aswell as call of duty 2. i still play call of duty :D

4 -
Unregistered - Garulon 09.28.2005 06:11
Oh, and I guess the Sega Rally title is the one Bizarre is working with Sega on.

If this is true though.

BANJO KAZOOIE!!!!!111oneoneone

5 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 06:30
I hope thats truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue! yeah baby! (swiss guy ^^)

6 - but when..
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 06:33
The question is when they will be released.. It is higly unlikely that they will be released at launch..

7 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 06:35
oh are you stupid? sure they are not finsihed for launch...fable 2 is coming 06 and forza 2 07 and halo 3 also 07....so please dont think so ...LOL

8 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 07:17
but guys, why is dead or alive beach volleyball a RPG? that cant be correct!

9 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 07:22
Yeah, like anybody can create a list of games they want and send it to a website. Maybe I'll send an e-mail saying the price will be ID="MainNewsBlogCom" at launch - will you lot believe that too? Gullible twats.

10 - saphiron
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 07:34
I've seen this list before... long time ago... Can't be trusted..

11 - fake list
Unregistered - zebwinz 09.28.2005 07:43
It's gotta be fake....Call of Duty 2: Big Red One is the version that's coming to the original XBox. Call of Duty 2 is the 360/PC game.

12 -
Vivicious 09.28.2005 07:47
Just about all the games are pretty logical releases, it's still smart to be skeptical about this list of course.

Spore by the way, is not an RPG, but a sim. (The world's greatest, most innovative..*ahem* Sorry about that.) But I guess I can see how Spore and Extreme Beach Volleyball have RPG elements....I guess. :P

Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are games I'm really looking forward to, I hope that Blue Dragon will have that epic feeling that Rogue Galaxy (PS2) seems to have, as I also really want that game.

13 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.28.2005 08:31
I am just here to start controversy so listen to my words

14 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.28.2005 08:32
i hope that all these games are good because maybe they usualy fail when there is a lot of hype about it.

15 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.28.2005 08:34
I am a halo fan although i havent played it much but who needs to to tell it is a great series.

16 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.28.2005 08:35
I'm really looking forward to these games. I had some fears about Halo 3, but those have been quelled. :-P Fun!

17 -
Unregistered - jo mama 09.28.2005 08:36
I love the violence of mortal combat

18 -
Unregistered - Never Played! 09.28.2005 08:36
Can someone explane Halo to me? Sorry to be stupid but...

19 -
Unregistered - jo mama 09.28.2005 08:37
it is an awsome fps where u fight evil aliens with dual wielding weapons and rocket launchers and other stuff that goes boom.

20 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.28.2005 08:37
Okay n00b, here's the lowdown of Halo. NOT! What kind of loser doesn't know about Halo???? Get some other n00b to explain it to you, then create an account on Live, so your n00b butt can be kicked by the real playahs!

21 -
Unregistered - Never Played! 09.28.2005 08:37
Fps? Great fun! W00t for mindless violence!

22 -
Unregistered - Never Played! 09.28.2005 08:38
I know where you live...

23 -
Unregistered - Speaker of #20 09.28.2005 08:38
No you don't.

24 -
Unregistered - Never Played! 09.28.2005 08:39
You have a point...
But do not make fun of me...

25 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 08:39

26 -
Unregistered - VideoGamer0331 09.28.2005 08:40
I'm really glad that a release list has been announced. That is all I have to say.

27 -
JsonHenry 09.28.2005 08:47
This is a fake guys.

28 -
JsonHenry 09.28.2005 08:48
At least in the sense that these games will be out within the next six months or so anyway.

29 -
JsonHenry 09.28.2005 08:52
What magazine where these shots supposedly from?

30 - Dont trust anybody!
Unregistered - GAMEFACE 09.28.2005 08:58
This could easily be true, but I have learned never to get excited until I have something in hand, or at the very least something that is officially confirmed by the source (M$ or the game developer themselves). So everything else is just blah, blah, blah!

31 - Not real; old
KeRnL StRiKe 09.28.2005 09:04
This list is either not real or it is old. Some ppl have said they have seen it before, which could very well be the case, otherwise it is just not real. It is missing games like World Air Force.

32 -
Gill 09.28.2005 09:04
This is either fake or old. Wardevil is not confirmed for the 360. It was originally thought to be a multi-platform title, but they have since stated that they have not decided on whether or not it will be a 360 or PS3 title.

33 - its a fake
resfan 09.28.2005 09:06
there is no res evil 5 on it

34 - Freespace 3
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 09:16
First mention I've EVER seen of Freespace 3. Anywhere. If they bring that out on 360 I'll be a happy camper indeed.

35 - Ref 34
Gill 09.28.2005 09:26
This probably makes me sound like a complete noob, but what is Freespace?

36 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.28.2005 09:47
Looks extremely dubious that this is in any way official.

More like a fanboy's wet dream.....

37 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 09:51
resident evil series is old and boring

38 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 09:54
now what could FREESPACE be? oh c'mon!

39 - KI3 will own DOA4
Unregistered - Coward 09.28.2005 10:04
rare back in the game, wohoo!!

40 - Freespace 3
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 10:36
Descent: Freespace and Freespace 2 were Sci-Fi space shooters for the PC. Published by Interplay and developed by Volition (now working with THQ) they were considered the best space shooters released (except by Wing Commander fanbois)

41 - Xbox?
Unregistered - Oxilam Bukaruy 09.28.2005 10:49
What is Xbox? Can someone please explain?

42 - best ever
looneyhouston 09.28.2005 11:18
the only game that just made me grin from ear to ear was KILLER INSTINCT 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

43 -
MAJIN BUU 09.28.2005 11:41
theer is a similar list in the official 360 mag....its yust the games rumoured to be in production.....

44 - BLACK
Unregistered - MetallNL 09.28.2005 12:11

45 - The List is Real
Unregistered - Pinkus777 09.28.2005 12:29
That list was taken from an OXM issue a few months back. I no longer have the copy, so I can't confirm what months, but I saw it in OXM I think in June after E3.

46 - To all
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 12:42
I was going to say the same thing as above.......where is world airforce?????
it has to be fake some fanboy can easily create this garbage...the page looks ripped at the top and looks manifactured...nice try....i think you guys shouldnt post anything without a source...

47 - look
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 12:44
scroll down and you can tell that it isnt even straight this is bs...i dont buy it.

48 -
Vivicious 09.28.2005 13:24
#47, look at the left rim, it's been scanned in crooked, the paper itself is perfectly straight.

49 -
Unregistered - Mousey the Coward 09.28.2005 14:13
BAH!I want a GTA game!

50 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 14:46
Who knows? It could be real, I hope.

51 - # 49
Unregistered - Coward 09.28.2005 14:49
saint's row looks sweet.

52 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 14:58
the maker of gta is creating a gta "like" game exclusive to xbox360 it is called crackdown.

53 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 14:59
saints row sucks

54 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 15:00

55 - # 53
Unregistered - Coward 09.28.2005 15:19
you played it?

56 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 15:44
#2 Nintendo still owns the rights to KI, the rights for this franchise did not exchange hands when MS bought Rare. So yes KI would be nice, but highly doubtfull about this one.

57 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 16:20

58 -
Unregistered - Pinkus777 09.28.2005 16:29
#57 your wrong, RARE retained all intellectual property rights to their games except Donkey Kong Country and StarFox franchise. They have Conker, KI, PD, Banjo, Jet Force Gemini, and Hard Corps. All properties that MS and RARE could make sequels or presequals to if they so choose.
Here is a great site to stay on top of everything RARE related: http://www.rare-extreme.com/

59 - please, read this one
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 17:33
I don't think it's real because I don't see one registered trademark symbol on any of those games. I've never seen an actual games list that does not have those for new games. Wouldn't it kind of need those.

60 -
MadJax 09.28.2005 17:40
Actually the list is from OXM UK (July '05 I think)and it has a disclaimer at the bottom that states that most of the games on the list are only RUMOURED to be in production.

So the list is real, but it also states most of the titles are rumours.

61 -
MadJax 09.28.2005 17:42
And also (Sorry for double post) I don't know what the laws are exactly, but game titles don't need registered trademark symbols. What it does need is another disclaimer that the titles are the registered trademarks of their respective developers/publisher.

62 - yeah, and
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 18:13
I don't see one of thoe either, do you?

63 - sorry double post
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 18:14

64 -
Vivicious 09.28.2005 18:46
Because magazine don't usually cover themselves each and every page ;-)

65 - bullshit!!
Unregistered - andrew 09.28.2005 23:09
this list is bullshit!! and nothing less. the list was made by some fuck trying to cause a cloud of shit for everyone to talk about. so fuck that guy!

66 - hey #65
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.28.2005 23:46
Did someone forget to take their meds today.

67 - Freespace 3
Unregistered - BD 09.29.2005 01:46

I enjoyed this one.

68 - i know now
Unregistered - akumas rebirth 09.29.2005 04:14
the list is from the xbox 360 mag i just got it today,
so theres you answer people look it up if you want.

69 - RE5
Unregistered - Dizzle 09.29.2005 08:07
RE 5 is comming to Xbox360.check capcom if u dont beileve me or IGN.com

70 - the freespace thing
Unregistered - yup I'm from HLP 09.29.2005 09:14
it's fake, seriosly, I know the guy who made it, I can't be bothered to find the origonal thread, but here is us laughing at how this internal joke managed to end up here

71 -
Unregistered - Original Freespace Maniac Poster 09.29.2005 11:26
Damn. That sucks. I loved those games. :( Even now I get shivers thinking about the squealing of those beam cannons. Mmm.....

72 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 09.29.2005 11:34
If you look closely, its clear that it has been Photoshopped

73 - Sounds good!
Wee Davy D 09.29.2005 11:49
If this is true then this is brilliant, The games all sound good too.
I wonder what Lost Oddysee is? Anyone know?
Halo 3 sounds good (All the Halo games have been so far). I heard a movie was being made.

74 - The Freespace Thing
Unregistered - Yargle-wargle 09.29.2005 13:05
Well, since there isn't going to be a Freespace 3, why don't you check out the Source Code Project instead? You'd be surprised to see how far dedicated fans have upgraded this old game.

75 - To #62
MadJax 09.29.2005 17:05
That's because it is most likely on the front page of magazine itself, or on the last page. By law they are protected if the disclaimer at least reads along the lines of: "All games, titles and characters mentioned within this magazine are the registered trademarks of their respective developers/publishers"

It doesn't have to be on every page, but mentioned at least once.

76 -
Unregistered - Anonymous 09.29.2005 17:24
Jeez, only the Freespace 3 bit was photoshopped... *sigh*

77 -
Unregistered - Bobboau 09.29.2005 20:03
well if it makes you feel better, the other stuff could have been edited before Goob got ahold of it.
and just to make sure everyone is clear, no one ever intended this to get out of our comunity

78 - list
Unregistered - Sauce 09.29.2005 22:53
Ive ben waitin for that activision game gun that shit wasn't on the list

79 - look
resfan 09.30.2005 15:35
if this was a real list, wouldn't it say "elder scrolls IV:oblivion" , instead of just "elder scrolls : oblivion"?

80 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 10.02.2005 12:48

81 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 10.02.2005 14:06
and you just plain suck :D

82 -
MadJax 10.03.2005 18:31
As true and off topic as what #80 says, I refuse to respond to an "Anonymous Coward".

Back ON topic, the official title for Oblivion is "The Elder Srolls IV: Oblivion"
but it looks like space constraints have restricted the magazine.

83 -
Unregistered - Anonymous Coward 10.06.2005 14:47
final fantasy my game !!!

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