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Xbox 360 News Archive (Members' News Tips)
Microsoft Countersues Lucent
Submitted By: pRo loGic II
18 May 2006 07:11 | Xbox 360 | Technology | Industry News

Back in April, Lucent filed a law suit accusing Microsoft of infringing upon video decoding technologies with Xbox 360. A similar suit was brought against Dell and Gateway in 2003, but Microsoft came to their aid by filing a declaratory judgment complaint, resulting in the case being thrown out based on patent typographical errors. When Lucent refilled the patents, however, it gave them ammunition for Microsoft. Today, though, Microsoft decided it would fire back at Lucent with a countersuit with a taste of their own medicine, alleging the company has violated a number of Microsoft's own patents. The countersuit also says the two supposed infringing patents are not valid.
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24 Million Downloads for Xbox Live
Submitted By: planetxbox360
18 May 2006 07:06 | Xbox 360

Xbox Live is now the world’s largest platform for high-definition on-demand content, surpassing 24 million downloads following the launch of Xbox 360 in the US on November 22, 2005.
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Hitman: Blood Money Has Officially Gone Gold
Submitted By: L3e
18 May 2006 07:03 | Xbox 360

Hitman: Blood Money is officially finished and all versions are ready for production.
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PS3 Prices Problematic, says ABI
Submitted By: mreeds
18 May 2006 07:00 | Xbox 360

Now, ABI Research believes that Sony's high prices might very be its undoing and knock it off the top of the video game world, which would seriously impact Sony in general and may very well put the entire Sony Computer Entertainment division at risk.
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Ugo Volt Preview
Submitted By: DOLBY DI GA TAL pf
18 May 2006 06:59 | Xbox 360

Move CEO Roberto Varela and Ugo Volt Executive Producer Rogerio Silva walked IGN through Ugo Volt at E3 last week, and they came away impressed with an art design that brings to life a dark, Orwellian, futuristic world as well as a lush, tropical paradise, much like we have seen in the upcoming Too Human.
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History of Console Prices
Submitted By: Nodoze
18 May 2006 06:47 | Xbox 360

There are two graphs, one for absolute, and one for relative pricing. One interesting point of note, is that the trend over time indicated that the higher priced consoles (even if technically superior) ALL FAILED!!! Could this be an omen for the PS13...errr PS3??
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Xbox 360 hack response
Submitted By: Pixel Gamers
18 May 2006 06:46 | Systems | Xbox 360

Microsoft respond to the reported Xbox 360 hack recently announced that allows you to play back-up games
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Forza 2 "Isn't 360's Answer To Gran Turismo"
Submitted By: x360central
18 May 2006 06:42 | Xbox 360

Dan Greenawalt, Lead Designer on Forza Motorsport 2, has spoken to OXM about Forza Motorsport 2. Dan dismissed rumours that Forza 2 is the Xbox 360's answer to Sony's popular racer Gran Turismo
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Huxley Extended Trailer in High Definition
Submitted By: Lost Alley
17 May 2006 18:11 | Xbox 360

Huxley is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter, but an MMOFPS tag fails to describe what this next-gen game truly is. The proper way to describe Huxley is as a first-person shooter set in a persistent world, featuring role-playing elements.
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Assassin's Creed for X360?
Submitted By: schnodder
17 May 2006 17:53 | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3

Speaking to Eurogamer this morning, a representative said: "At the moment, other formats of Assassin's Creed are unconfirmed." Which suggests they're at least considering an Xbox 360 release - despite stating that the game would only only be out on PS3 when it was first announced.
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Chromehounds Demo MIA
Submitted By: Nodoze
17 May 2006 17:52 | Xbox 360

Where is the promised demo of Chromehounds? Has this fallen into the MS testing loop that traditionally accompanies demo releases?
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EXCLUSIVE - Sega Rally Revo: Interview
Submitted By: Swifty
17 May 2006 17:48 | Systems | Xbox 360 | Playstation 3 | Revolution

During E3 Club Skill sat down with Guy Wilday, the studio director, from the new SEGA Driving Studio based in the UK (just round the corner from our very own Rob Rymond in Solihull), which is developing an all-new Sega Rally game for next-generation consoles and PC, called “Sega Rally Revo”. The game's features include fully deformable surfaces, so the track will never act the same no matter how many times you play it, as well as is dramatically improved NPC AI - so it now dynamically adapts to the different road surfaces.
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Viva Pinata Preview
Submitted By: 360Monster
17 May 2006 17:47 | Xbox 360

If you put those two words in one sentence, you come up with Viva Piñata of all things. No, before you say it, I am not having a bad case of cheese dreams, but I get the feeling that maybe RARE are having a few. When people think about UK Developer RARE they think N64 and Goldeneye or maybe Banjo Kazooie but one thing people know about RARE is that they are not shy when it comes to making odd but strangely addictive games. Many are still waiting for that old-school genius to appear on the 360 and even though Perfect Dark: Zero was good, it was lacking that Rare flare. This is where their next project comes in: Viva Pinata...
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Most Popular Live Titles Last Week
Submitted By: planetxbox360
17 May 2006 17:45 | Xbox 360

The most popular Xbox Live titles for the last week, based on the number of users playing, has been posted by Major Nelson.
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MTV2 Presents Gears of War: The Race to E3
Submitted By: planetxbox360
17 May 2006 17:44 | Xbox 360

This coming Friday MTV2 will be following the respective Epic Games and Microsoft Games Studios team as they race to complete the same playable demo of "Gears of War" that was featured at E3.
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360 Firmware Hacked
Submitted By: schnodder
17 May 2006 05:26 | Xbox 360

360 Firmware Hacked
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Xbox 360 is Top Seller for April
Submitted By: x360central
17 May 2006 05:25 | Xbox 360

April's Hardware and Software figures for the US have been released ad it reads very well for Microsoft. The Xbox 360 was the top selling hardware for the month, selling 295,000 units. The PS2 sold just 205,000 units.
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Bungie dismiss fake menu screenies
Submitted By: Swifty
17 May 2006 05:24 | Xbox 360

Bungie Update: The user interface screen floating around the interzone right now is a fake. It's a pretty fake, but fake nonetheless. We're not going to debunk every fake we see, but that one is clogging the forums. So stop talking about it. It's fake. That's right, fake.
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How the Xbox 360 Camera Might be Used
Submitted By: News Bot
16 May 2006 15:57 | Xbox 360

GestureTek who was previously engaged with Sony's EyeToy, was recently showing off some new ways of how you could use your Xbox 360 Camera. The people at GestureTek has created a head lock on program for the 360's camera, in this early demonstration of the said feature, you could see how the camera can lock on to a person's face and follow their movements.
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Microsoft Turned Down GTA3
Submitted By: Lost Alley
16 May 2006 15:50 | Xbox 360

1Up have posted an excerpt from Dean Takahashi's book The Xbox 360 Uncloaked: The Real Story Behind Microsoft's Next-Generation Video Game Console, with mention that during the early days of the Xbox, Microsoft turned down a game proposal from Rockstar Games that eventually became the Playstation 2 exclusive Grand Theft Auto 3.
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New Oblivion content in 2 weeks?
Submitted By: signal360
16 May 2006 15:49 | Xbox 360

The first downloadble mission will be released in two weeks for the Xbox 360's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. From developer Ashley Cheng (ACheng): "In the downloadable mission, which will be released in two weeks, you battle for control of a massive cave, complete with a haunting pirate ship. Once you conquer the lair, it forever belongs to your character. You can start a band of pirates. You can plunder. And you can decorate your captain's chamber with furniture."
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Indiana Jones Next-Gen Screens
Submitted By: Lost Alley
16 May 2006 15:47 | Xbox 360

Lucasarts sends along some screens from the next-gen Indiana Jones game. No word if they are PS3 or Xbox360 so we assume they represent the quality of both.
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X-Men: The Official Game Takes a Stand on Retail Shelves
Submitted By: Dusty
16 May 2006 15:37 | Xbox 360

Inspired by Marvel Entertainment's legendary Super Hero franchise and serving as a prelude to the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox and Marvel Studios' feature film "X-Men: The Last Stand," Activision, Inc.'s X-Men: The Official Game premieres today at retail outlets nationwide.
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ELSPA Weekly Chart - Xbox 360
Submitted By: Totally360
16 May 2006 13:12 | Xbox 360

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 holds onto top spot for yet another week whilst The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion still takes second spot in the weekly chart...
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Now you see UT2007, now you don't!
Submitted By: Swifty
16 May 2006 09:18 | Xbox 360

Today we were informed that Unreal Tournament 2007 has quite literally dissapeared from the Xbox website. It was there a few days ago, but it has recently been removed by the Microsoft admin team. Could this mean that the game will be a PS3 exclusive title, if that is the case then it will be a great shame as games like Unreal Tournament 2004 were brought to life using Xbox Live. For now the game is still to be announced on the Xbox 360, we will keep you updated on what Epic have to say about the dissapearnce of UT2007.
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Saints Row Gameplay Footage
Submitted By: Lost Alley
16 May 2006 08:29 | Xbox 360

Some gameplay footage of Saints Row from the E3 2K6 show floor.
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Is This The Halo 3 Menu Screen?
Submitted By: Swifty
16 May 2006 08:24 | Xbox 360

Could this be the desktop behind the most anticipated Xbox 360 title. This is 'suposedly' the menu screen for Bungies Halo 3, granted everything seems to be there like the Campaign mode, Xbox Live and options, but could this be just one very skilled photoshop artists idea of a prank. If it is then kudos to the bloke as it would have taken quite a while to create something like that.
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Ubisoft delay your trip to Hell's Highway
Submitted By: News Bot
16 May 2006 08:23 | Xbox 360

Ubisoft's next title in the Brothers in Arms franchise, Hell's Highway, has retreated to the relatively safety of a 'first quarter' 2007 release date. Originally due to hit stores prior to Xmas this year, news of its redeployment will no doubt upset fans of the series who were looking forward to some World War II horrors this holiday season.
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The First Chrome 2 Screenshots
Submitted By: Swifty
16 May 2006 07:11 | Xbox 360

Chrome 2 is the next game in Techlands Chrome series. This new game will have a vast single player campaign and also 64 player battles online. There will be a wide range of guns on offer and as you can see by the screenshots, giant mech robots play a big part in this new game. Take a look at the beauties inside....
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Gears of War first Machinima planned!
Submitted By: ChaosKnight
16 May 2006 05:44 | Xbox 360

"Erros of War will be a large Machinima project developed by the guys down at Concept Gamers. This Machinima will be based on the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive video game, Gears of War and will feature a humorous and well scripted storyline. Footage will all be done through the games Xbox live online mode(s). Of course Gears of War doesnt release into the market until late this year (2006) so filiming wont start until then, but basic storyline and concept ideas are already in progress. We will also be looking for voice talent and possibly puppeteers later on in the year."
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